There is an official JJ Abrams ‘Star Wars Day’ greeting out there but I can’t really get very interested in that. So far, with me at least, Abrams has no credibility. His TV series have mostly been good concepts poorly executed and his butchery of Star Trek borders on the inexcusable. I have misgivings about him being in charge of the new Star Wars films. (I’d have misgivings about him being an extra in it.)

Now, with the rant finished, I’d like to point to a interesting things that have come across my desk, or at least my laptop, in the last few days.

First up, the short film Blue Season (via io9) stars Daisy Ridley. It’s not directly related to Star Wars but Ridley is the only female cast member announced so far for Star Wars VII (other than Carrie Fisher that is). After that there is a special message from NASA flight engineer Rick Mastracchio and R2 D2 and finally the Star Wars cantina band gets the American Idol treatment with “Weird Al” Yankovich, Lisa Loeb, Ben Folds and Reggie Watts.

Hope you enjoy it all, Happy Star Wars day and remember – JJ Abrams may suck, but there have been no Jar Jar Binks casting rumors so there is hope.

Blue Season • Short Film – SCI-FI-LONDON 48 Hour Film Challenge from Lourenco Diniz on Vimeo.