Three members of the Battlestar Galactica cast and one from Star Trek: Voyager are among the cast members of Personal Space, a new web series currently raising funds on Kickstarter. The last time we saw Nicki Clyne, who played Cally (Henderson) Tyrell on BSG she was floating out of an airlock in the series final days. Six years later she is returning as commander Gail Gartner of the generation ship Overture. 

Joining Clyne are Richard Hatch (Tom Zarek), Tahmoh Penikett (‘Helo’ Agathon), Tim Russ (Tuvok on Voyager) and others
The series takes place in an alternate universe where the US space program is much more advanced. The Overture is designed to take generations to reach its destination and the crew sleeps in 25 year shifts. The ships second shift is just waking up after 25 years in hibernation, unaware of anything that has transpired on Earth since. 
The transition, however, does not go smoothly. Years in space have taken a psychological toll on the crew. First shift commander Robert King (Hatch) doesn’t trust the second shift and doesn’t want to turn over command. Tensions are high and interpersonal conflict are running deep. 
Fortunately for the crew, mission controllers planned for this. A shipboard therapist is available in the form of an artificial intelligence named AMI. Unfortunately for the crew one of the things that they don’t know is that the mission and the ship have been sold to a reality television production company. 
The crew’s therapy sessions are used as the basis for a new reality television program and as tense as things are, the producers do not think there is sufficient drama. They use AMI to create new problems and drive the stress levels higher. 
The producers of Personal Space are currently a few days into a campaign aimed at raising 45,000 for the production, more info is available on Kickstarter.