Neil deGrasse Tyson recently gave television news media a slap on the wrist for giving climate change deniers equal time and hosting debates on whether or not climate change is real. At this point it is an absurd thing to do. Giving those who do not believe in global warming equal time is roughly the equivalent of giving equal time to flat Earthers in a story about NASA, giving equal time to creationists in a story about science or giving equal time to the Ku Klux Klan in a story about the social and economic status of minorities.

Anyone, at this point, who doesn’t think climate change is happening or doesn’t think that humans are the cause of it is either stupid or lying.

On his new HBO show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver (formerly of the Daily Show and Community) does an excellent smack down on the cable news “debates” and is then joined by Bill Nye to show what an accurate debate should look like.