What if your favorite Hollywood directors decided to do a Christmas movie?

What would Christmas movies by Steven Spielberg, Sergei Eisenstein, Wes Anderson, Woody Allen, Lars Von Trier, Martin Scorsese, Michael Moore, Stanley Kubrick and Werner Hertzog look like? The folks at Fourgroundsmediainc think they know and they are pretty close to the mark in every case. Have a look … Via Amrita Acharia

Classic films translated for bros

Bros are a rare breed. They got through high school by a combination of cheating, paying people to do their work and having their parents threaten to sue. They plan on getting through university the same way so the English language is a bit lost on them. Still, Wondertronicvideo thinks that, provided it’s in a…

Suggested Reading: “Is God Dying? The decline of religion and the rise of the ‘nones'”

Despite the rise in religion, and religious fervor in the United States, the bulk of the Western world is moving toward secularism and atheism is rising rapidly in much of the world. In a recent article in Scientific American, Michael Shermer took a look at some new data, where things are and where they are…

Watch the Sherlock Mini-Episode ‘Many Happy Returns’

Sherlock is coming back for another (probably final) run. It starts on January 19th, for North American audiences, on PBS but by then it will have already run its course (January 1, 5 and 12) on the BBC. That’s a terrible programming decision, it is almost an invitation to find another, less legitimate, way to watch…

Watch ‘The Blade Runner Holiday Special’

How many Holiday specials can boast ‘Chuck Norris as Jesus’? Only one as far as I know, this one the Blade Runner Holiday Special from Nerdist. It doesn’t just have Jesus, it has everything you expect in a holiday special; Santa, elves, snow and killer replicants battling to stay alive in a dystopian future.

Video Uses Infographics to cover all of history in 7 minutes

From Kurzgesagt and wait but why, a history of everything presented in a series of infographics – the video starts out with a demonstration of what a second looks like and then begins working with greater and greater periods of time, to show the history of the world and the way the universe will unfold in the future.…

Watch Fear Force Five, the giant pirate zombie movie, on YouTube

‘Fear Force Five’ is a new, shortish, less than 30 minute, film available only on the Cinefix YouTube channel. It was directed by Jack Perez, director of ‘Some Guy Who Kills People’.  The story is set in a sleepy seaside town which is, as they usually are, attacked by a giant zombie pirate with a lobster claw. Five…

David Bowie Performs ‘Space Oddity’ on Swiss TV (1969)

After playing with a string of less than spectacular bands in the mid 1960s and a 1967 solo debut that was poorly received, here’s a 22 year old David Bowie performing his first solo hit on the Swiss program Hits a Go Go in 1969. [via Dangerous Minds]

British Library Posts 1 Million Historic, Public Domain Scans to Flickr

The British Library, one of the worlds great repositories of historic information, has scanned a million images from books published from the 17th-19th centuries. The public domain images have all been uploaded to a Flickr account for the public to use, remix and repurpose. According to the Library: The images were plucked from the pages…

Your New Favorite Carol: Scientifically Accurate Santa Claus (video)

While people continue the boring Jesus vs. Santa argument, FoxADHD points out that Santa is even more far fetched than the Jesus myth. Play this until you can sing along and you’re sure to be the hit of your family’s Xmas dinner!